Universal Travel Health is dedicated in serving patients thorough and up-to-date travel medical advice and services.

$75 for pre-travel consultations

$150 for intra-travel consultations

Costs and Finances:

Let’s talk about Travel Medicine and Money. There are two main fees associated with travel medicine.

1)The travel medicine consultation fee and 2) the cost for vaccinations/medications for travel.

  • Consultation:

Every time you meet with a doctor, usually their time is compensated through your tax dollars under the OHIP insurance plan. This is not the case for Travel medicine – as it is completely a non-government covered service as it is considered a “luxury” to travel and so they have deemed it a “non-medically necessary” service. That means that seeing any physician, nurse, pharmacist or any other health professional for the purpose of travel, it is illegal/fraud for us to bill the health care system and so we are obligated to charge you cash for this service. A typical travel medicine consultation fee is around $75 and up according to 2022 standards. Some private insurance benefit plans may reimburse you for the consultation fee under a “general health spending account”, however in most cases, this fee is not covered. However, you may speak to your accountant in deducting your consultation fees on your tax return.

2) Vaccinations/Medications 

The second cost to consider for travel medicine is the cost for vaccines and medications. Again, the government health insurance plan does not cover the cost for travel vaccinations and medications, but most extended health benefit plans through employers do cover some portion of these costs (anywhere from 30-100%). You can check our vaccine list with corresponding DIN or “Drug Identification Numbers” to check your coverage for these vaccines with your insurance company before your appointment with us.

The average cost for vaccines/medications for a trip could vary anywhere from $100 per person to $1000 per person depending on how many different types and doses of vaccines are needed. This can be quite steep and can be an important factor to consider when considering your travel medical preparation.