Universal Travel Health is dedicated in serving patients thorough and up-to-date travel medical advice and services.

Why should I visit a travel clinic and not my doctor?

At Universal Travel Health Clinic, we are a one-stop destination for all travelers. Our doctor is specialized in providing recommendations, advice, resources and administering vaccines. At our clinic, we are dedicated to all the updated requirements and steps to make sure that you are safe and healthy during your travel.

How many patients do you serve at Universal Travel Health?

We are dedicated to serving as many patients as we possibly can within the clinic hours and capacity. We request that you book an appointment on the booking page to find the next appointment availability.

Do you offer free health consultations?

Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover travel health clinic visits. While we do not accept insurance at our clinic, we do offer a receipt that has all the information required for you to submit a claim. Please double check with your insurance provide to find out if your plan includes coverage. Please click the button below “Vaccine Prices PDF” for a full list of all available travel vaccinations as well as their corresponding prices and drug identification numbers (DIN) which you can use in case you have drug insurance coverage to verify your coverage before your visit.

What does the consultation include?

Our consultations last approximately between 30-45 minutes (depending on your itinerary). We walk through your entire itinerary with your and provide you with a list of recommendations and resources for each area or country. Our staff are highly trained, with the most up to date and credible resources, to provide you with medical and vaccination requirements, prescriptions and travel certificates when necessary (i.e. Yellow Fever Certificate). Your care is our priority.

Do you provide vaccines for travel?

Yes. We will provide you with a list of recommended vaccines based on your itinerary. Please book a consultation using the booking page to learn more about the vaccine requirements for your trip.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Please bring your exact itinerary dates, countries, immunization record (if available) and cash or debit card for payment.

When should I schedule my appointment?

The sooner the better! You can contact our reception at 905-621-3827 and they will assist you with setting the most optimal date based on your travel date and plans. Our clinic provides the services you need at your convenience, even if it is last minute.

Do I need a vaccine for my trip?

Each country and itinerary will be unique and require a unique set of vaccines. At Universal Travel Health Clinic, we provide you a customized list of vaccines based on the countries you will be visiting.

Do I need vaccines if I’m visiting the country I am from?

Yes. If you are living abroad, you are no longer developing the antibodies you need to protect you from any diseases. You should still visit our clinic to find out what vaccines you will need and to make sure you are up-to-date with your immunization schedule.