Virtual Consultation Appointment 30 min followed by an b) In person Vaccination appointment 15 min

Universal Travel Health is dedicated in serving patients thorough and up-to-date travel medical advice and services.

Virtual Consult and In-Person Vaccine

Book an Appointment to Speak to our Doctor about Travel Medicine and vaccines. Whether you are a regular traveller or a traveller with special needs, we will help answer your questions and find the most appropriate way to keep you protected while you travel. During your consultation, you will go over your itinerary and plans during your travel – once the doctor understands your travel needs, the country requirements, your overall health and allergy information – We will recommend a list of vaccinations and let you decide which vaccines you’d like to have administered. We can also recommend safety tips and travel health guides.

This gives you the flexibility to do all the talking and asking of all your questions from the comfort of your own home and giving you some time to discuss and finalise which vaccinations you would like to receive as well as giving you a very quick and expedited visit when you come in person to the clinic to receive the vaccinations.

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